The Crystal Cathedral: Rated as \"one of the most popular wedding spots in Orange County,\" the Crystal Cathedral is a 9-story church set on a beautifully landscaped 40 acres of land. They also have a wedding director who will answer your questions and help you plan your special day.

[seven-degrees]: Known as one of the most desirable wedding venues in Cerritos, [seven-degrees] helps celebrate the beauty of each couple by ensuring that their wedding is a work of art. [seven-degrees] is not only the recipient of the Architectural Guild Award, but presents 25,000 square feet of blank canvas for you to paint your bridal vision.

First Evangelical Church Cerritos: Located at 11330 E. 166th Street in the city of Cerritos, this church caters to the community which is why many love holding their nuptials here. They also provide wedding services in a number of different languages which many find beneficial.


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