People love to visit film sets and various locations as a way to feel closer to their favorite stars, take pictures, etc. You've chosen the film locations you want to see (or we can provide recommendations), now let us handle the rest. With over 24 years experience, Alexis Limousine and Sedan Service understands and delivers what our clients want. In addition, our knowledgeable drivers are prompt, precise, and professional. Our goal is for you and/or your family to have the best experience possbile. We strive for your satisfaction everytime.

Legally Blonde- In the beginning of this movie, Elle's boyfriend takes her out to dinner and instead of proposing to her, which is what she thought he was going to do, he dumps her.This pivotal scene was shot at a real restaurant called Il Cielo and located at 9018 Burton Way.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith- This movie starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Their characters in the film were married assassins who were trying to kill each other. Most of the film was shot in the home of the characters which was supposed to be located in New York; however, the location of this house is actually at 1565 San Pasqual Street in Southern California. This home is only viewable from the street because it truly houses residents who, naturally, do not want to be disturbed.

Pretty Woman- This movie launched Julia Roberts' career and left every woman wanting their knight in shining armour, especially with its fairy tale ending. No one will ever forget Richard Gere's character riding in his limousine up to the shabby motel where Julia's character lives. This motel actually exists and is called the Las Palmas Hotel located at 1738 North Las Palmas in Hollywood.

Speed- This movie not only catapulted Sandra Bullock to fame but it was also one of the most popular movies of the 1990's. The scene in this movie that left everyone on the edge of their seats was when the bus that Sandra's character drove was forced to go airborne due to a gap in the middle of the freeway. This famous scene was shot on the transition ramp leading from Westbound Century (110) to Northbound Harbor (105).

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