Tickets for your airline ticket can be purchase directly through the carrier websites as well as third party sites like; Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity and many others. Most carriers also allow purchase at the counters. Please be aware that many do not accept cash at the counters.


Parking/Where your driver will meet you

LGB parking is located in the two main parking lots. Curbside drop off and pick up is allowed. Due to security regulations there is no waiting allowed at the curbside. For all passengers that are traveling by sedan or SUV you driver will park in the designated parking areas. Passengers traveling by limousine will be contacted by the driver and notified where to meet them at the curb. Limousines will not be parked in the parking garages.  If you are arriving on an international flight your driver will meet you just outside of customs, if arriving by domestic flight your driver will be located at the baggage claim area. Each driver will have a sign with your name on it and be prepared to assist you with your luggage.


Arriving at the airport/ Terminals

To plan ahead for your trip, make sure you have allowed plenty of time for traffic and security screening. If traveling by international flight it is generally recommended you arrive at least 3 hours prior to your departure. If traveling by domestic flight it is generally recommended that you arrive at least 2 hours prior to your departure. During holiday seasons lines will be longer than normal and you may want to consider allowing at least 1 extra hour.


All flights arrive and depart from the first floor. There are two terminals; south and north. If you exit the secured areas you will be required to complete the security screening again. The second floor houses restrooms, the observation deck, and small exhibit area and restaurant.


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