Non-Medical Emergency Transportation


Alexis Limousine and its non-emergency medical transport service  is the trusted leader for non-emergency medical transportation in Los Angeles. The Alexis team has been providing non-emergency medical transportation services to clients in need for over 28 years. Our non-emergency medical transportation consists of getting a patient to and from the source of medical care when the medical condition is not life threatening.


There are various reasons one might choose to hire Alexis Limousine and Sedan to provide non-emergency medical transportation for themselves, a family member, or co-worker:  outpatient surgeries, outpatient procedures, dental appointments, physical therapy, elective surgeries, minor doctor appointments, etc. 


Whatever your reason for hiring Alexis, we have a whole fleet of vehicles to exceed your non-emergency medical transportation needs. We have a late model vehicle to fit any need. Our luxury vehicles are in pristine condition and our award winning service will exceed your expectations. Our drivers are extremely understanding and helpful. If you need assistance, your personal chauffeur will be happy to extend a helping hand. 


Although you may have a friend or relative who could drive you to and from your medical appointment, this alternative is not preferred because it requires others to take time off of work, or from their busy schedules and wait a number of hours. If you call a taxi, you do not have the option of scheduling your pick-ups, drop-offs, or having the driver wait for you.  Taxi services cannot take your comfort into consideration. Even if your medical appointment is not an emergency, there is still some stress involved. Sit back and relax while we take the hassle out of your day. We want to make sure your transportation is easy, efficient, and reliable. There is no need to worry with the Alexis team assisting you.


Alexis Limousine and Sedan has been providing non-emergency medical transportation to Los Angeles since 1985. We offer discreet and customizable service. The experience of our staff makes it easy for you to arrange the best non-emergency medical car service at the best rate. Please contact one of our friendly representatives to make a reservation today or book online.


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