Staff Training and Screening

Alexis Limousine is concerned with your safety. We know when taking out Celebrities from Beverly Hills or people anywhere in Los Angeles looking to have a good time, your safety is extremely important.  

Members of our staff are required to pass through our safety and drug screening program plus a security/background check .

When an individual is employed by Alexis Limousine, all new drivers'  driving history will be checked at time of hire and updated to insure continuing safe driving practices.

Drivers will also consent to criminal background checks, and ongoing random drug screening. 

Our new drivers will be safety trained by our experienced Alexis Limousine staff. Training will include accident avoidance and situation response tactics, following a safety a check list plus our threat assessment and avoidance preparation course.

We will also adopt any special security protocols that you the client may require.  Our office staff will strive to protect the privacy of our passengers at all cost no matter who you are. We will never give out any travel information that you provide and our data and information systems are being continually re-evaluated for integrity and security.  The benefit to you is safe, reliable transportation, and peace of mind.


Vehicle Reliablity and Safety

At Alexis, your time and safety come first.  We do not defer maintenance on our vehicles.  Unlike many other companies, if a limousine needs new brakes, we replace them immediately, or if a car needs new tires, we replace them immediately.  

Beyond vehicle repairs, all of our vehicles go through regularly scheduled maintenance to minimize the chances of a mechanical failure that could result in a delay.  The benefit to you is safe, reliable transportation, and peace of mind.   



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Reliablity Safety